After Nyne Consulting provides tailored advice; from brand management, market positioning & PR, through to strategic collaborations and digital activations. Our extensive network of high level contacts within the arts gives clients the opportunity to collaborate with some of the most innovative individual and corporate names within the industry, offering opportunities to raise awareness and reach new target audiences. Working with a world-class team of specialists across all communication platforms, After Nyne Consulting develops and delivers top-notch strategies and results.

After Nyne Consulting offers bespoke, strategic advice for its clients,  embracing and utilising channels of communication that reach target audiences and therefore ultimately meet strategic business goals.  We pride ourselves on offering a personalised service which is both focused and imaginative, and which efficiently maximises each client’s budget.  Working with a world-class team of specialists across all communication platforms, After Nyne Consulting develops and delivers top-notch strategies and results.


After Nyne Consulting works closely with a client’s principal founders and/or in-house marketing team, to determine both short and long term business goals.  Drawing upon its extensive experience and network of contacts, the agency undertakes an initial ‘brand discovery’ stage, identifying insights and potential business opportunities, and ultimately defines and implements longer term strategies which deliver on agreed goals.


Leveraging its network of influencers throughout arts & business, After Nyne Consulting works with clients to identify authentic connections across cultural industries, maximizing each brand’s potential for both strategic innovation and overall business development.


After Nyne Consulting develops highly creative and strategic communications plans that are integrated across all media platforms – both on and off line – targeting specific demographic  groups and publications that resonate with our clients’ audiences, communicating key messages and stimulating awareness in order to drive sales.


From private dinners and boutique openings, to large scale art fair events and productions, After Nyne Consulting ensures that every event is both highly impactful as well as strategically relevant. Initial creative concepts lead to powerful visual production and seamless front-of-house support.  Any event is only as good as its eclectic and tailored mix of VIPs, influencers, and media guests; all of whom are curated from After Nyne Communications’ coveted database of contacts.



The development of online content is key to a brand’s success.  After Nyne Consulting works with pioneering photographers, filmmakers and production teams, each of whom embrace ground-breaking technology and visionary ideation.  Our digital teams ensure that the resulting content carefully targets its audiences through targeted distribution channels.


Our team of digital specialists are experts at amplifying a brand’s awareness through creative partnerships with online influencers, bloggers, and like-minded companies.  Creative campaigns work to engage audiences and drive online sales, targeting specific demographics and ensuring measurable results across all web, mobile and social media platforms.


It is imperative that a brand’s vision is consistent throughout all channels, including brand spaces, exhibitions, displays, and visual merchandising.  Our designers follow a project from creative concept, into production and through to final installation.  Whether a pop up space or a permanent location, the result will be both impactful and on-brand.


Our copywriters craft text which will inspire, impress and persuade audiences; ultimately motivating them to engage with each brand.  Equally our graphic designers are experts at creating highly impactful visuals which set a brand apart from its competitors – be it through logos, newsletters, brochures or websites.  Combined, copywriting and design lay the foundations for a powerful and unique brand identity.


Continually review, revise and refine.